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Tennis is a complex sport that provokes you physically, mentally and emotionally, as it involves force, reflex, perspicacity, elasticity and discipline. Perhaps the most important aspect of the "white sport" is that it can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age, and its benefits to the body and mind are extremely numerous.

Tennis also has a positive effect on mood, stimulates strategic thinking, self-discipline and increases your confidence in your own strengths. Practiced several times a week, with friends or in competitions organized by our club, tennis will bring you many socializing opportunities.

Whether it's individual or group training, the classes organized by our team of professionals aim to improve the skills and playing technique of the participants, giving them optimal game conditions. Whether you choose to play on the indoor clay pitch or prefer the fresh air of the forest in the outdoor area, if you choose individual or group training, at Grand Slam Arena we will offer you optimal game conditions and a team of coaches on measure.