Located in the town of Banesti, in a forested area and away from traffic and urban noise, the Grand Slam Arena Tennis Club was set up with the desire to offer to the "white sports" fans, amateur or professional, the opportunity to practice this sport in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere, with good conditions and facilities. The mission of our complex is to create a comfortable setting in which entertainment and relaxation services are harmoniously combined.

General presentation

We started from scratch in an area where there is no infrastructure for this sport, but this did not scare us, because everything is made of passion. That is why we want to further develop ourselves, create new facilities, and over time become a reference name in the sports field.

The club has four courts, three of them being equipped with nocturne with led panels and with panes and protective nets, with the highest quality clay surface. Throughout the cold season, one of the four courts is covered with a heated, tensio-static balloon, so you can enjoy your favorite sport anytime.

We are waiting for you to play tennis, to relax and to follow your passion for sports in one of the most welcoming bases in Prahova county!

Technical presentation

● All four tennis courts comply with the regulations for international approval.
● The land surfaces are covered with 0-2mm grain slag, having the same supplier as the Roland Garros high-slam tournament.
● Tennis lines "SPEZIALA II" type.
● Grid and tensio-static poles.
● Anti-wind professional nets.
● Nocturne GEWISS - full led 720 lux.
● The indoor court is provided with heating (constant temperature), destratification and air dehumidification.


To all of the club's clients we provide locker rooms, showers, wardrobe and all that is necessary to create optimal comfort conditions (premium finishes). The car can be safely left in the parking lot of the club, as the complex is provided with video surveillance.

The complex also benefits from free WiFi internet.