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Affordable to all ages, with harmonious and precise movements, tennis is impressive by its spectacular and noble. Socializing, strengthening your discipline and boosting your responsibility are at the same level as sports development.

For those who love this sport but have not practiced it yet, or are beginners, and for those who want to improve, our club will provide the experience of coaches who have prepared generations of athletes and who are preparing the champions of tomorrow.

The training of young athletes for all aspects of life, using tennis and sport education as a tool is a permanent concern. All players will be given special attention from us for their performance to be maximum in achieving the goals. Children aged 5-10 can benefit from initiation programs and minitenis, and for the advanced players we offer programs for improving their performance.

Adults can rent or receive private lessons of initiation and / or refinement under the guidance of our coaches. Practicing tennis in the cold season is done in very good conditions because one of the four courts is covered with a presostatic balloon, maintaining the pressure and the optimal temperature of the tennis game inside.

Tennis Courses for Kids, Beginners or Advanced

Tennis classes are targeted at people in all age groups. To be able to benefit from the effects of tennis, maintaining shape, health, and improving performance, tennis must be practiced correctly. For both beginners and those who want to improve, the Grand Slam Arena Tennis Club provides you with optimal play areas, impeccable conditions and facilities, as well as the experience of our coaches.

● The session lasts for an hour for the first few hours, the club offers the necessary tennis racquets, and also assists with the purchase of personal tennis gear.
● When signing up, the medical certificate from the family doctor must be presented as a participant in sports activities.
● For long absences (injuries, illnesses), untaught hours will be recovered.
● The course fee will be paid monthly, in advance.
● If for some organizational reasons you can not perform on certain hours, they will be rescheduled.
● On courses you can only attend in sports equipment (especially tennis shoes with a suitable profile).
● For the full use of your tennis class, it is recommended to arrive at least 15 minutes before the course starts.

Tips before you start your tennis class

● Eat at least 40 minutes / 1 hour before your tennis class. A light meal.
● Come at least 15 minutes before the start of the tennis class.
● Warm up before the game is very important! Tennis is a game that requires muscles and joints!
● Assign at least 10 minutes for warming, static and dynamic stretching exercises before the game.
● Moisture yourself correctly and set up 2-3 breaks during the match.